How To Keep Your Child Safe at the Camp

04 Jun


 You should try out camping if you've never been to one and they will always remember the experience you will receive at the camp because it is so much fun. After many days or months of working hard and concentrating on other activities like studying and working your family needs to relax and rejuvenate all the energy that been using.  You should have fun but do not forget about the safety of children at the camp.  You should apply these measures to achieve maximum security for your children at the camp.


Conduct thorough research on the place you are going camping with your family to find out diseases in the area which you are likely to contract that can be prevented through vaccination such as whooping cough.  Ensure that all the family members get their tetanus vaccination because you never know what might happen at the camp since it's a place that anyone can easily get hurt through cuts and bruises.  Make your children understand the importance of not running around the camp because they may trip and fall over anything and get severe cuts.



Remind the children not to bring into the tent lanterns, stoves and any other material that emit carbon dioxide.  Research intensively about measures to take when someone suffocates because of carbon dioxide as a precautionary measure if your children or the children in your neighbors’ tent choke because of excess carbon dioxide.  There is no way of identifying the presence of carbon dioxide in the tent that preventive measures can help you prevented from accumulating in the tent. Stop yourself and children from bringing candles, matchboxes or lighters incident because fire accidents can happen.



Choose a Jewish Community Center of Youngstown camping site that is a considerably safe distance from animals.  Encourage your children to use binoculars for viewing the beauty of the net around the camp especially if they want to view animals that they should not get close to the animals.   Discourage the children from throwing food and other objects to the animals because they will move closer when they do so.

 Ensure that you have preventive equipment that will protect mosquitoes and other insects from getting into the tent. Make your kids wear bright colored clothes when they're sleeping for you to see the insects that make all on them quickly. Prevent kids from bringing food into the tent because the scent of food like bananas will draw the attention of animals such as monkeys into the tent. You can also watch this video at for more info about community center.


 Bring enough clothes for the family and ensure that you pack clothes suitable for all weather and activities that you will partake in the camp. Temperature drop too low in some areas at night and shoots during the day.  You should request for a timetable of the events at the camp if you're going for comes that are organized by camping business organizations so that you can pack the required exercising outfit for the children, know and click here for more here!

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